!!! ERIK is DEAD !!!

22. FEBRUARY 2006
I am still waiting for any fleyers or live photos of WARSORE suckers. Mark is really lazy bastard dog. if anybody has any stuff from WARSORE jsut send it to me. Thanks for your support.

10. FEBRUARY 2006
I have really bad news for you. Today is funeral of ERIK drummer of WARSORE and EGROGSID. He died himslef in Japan. My heart is broken. REST IN PIECE, I will bring more info when I will know more...   

(first press 1000 copies black vinyl)
out on PSYCHOTHREAPY records
(4 usd/euro ppi europe, 5 usd ppi world)
T-SHIRT (11 usd/euro seamail, 12 usd/euro airmail)
write for complete distro list to: 

17. JULY 2005
Finally I updated this site. I have first fleyer of WARSORE. So check it. Sorry for so long time to do it. but I still havenīt any fleyers or photos. So if anybody has any WARSORE fleyers or live photos please scan it and send it to me. I activated LYRICS and FLEYERS sections. And I updated DISCOGRAPHY section too. So check it and enjoyed it.

21. JUNE 2004
Today I added some new in discography section. You can see there few covers and vinyls. But its not complete yet. I havenīt some covers. So if you can help me scann it dor me and send it to me. I am working on complete discography. So check it later again. Thanks OTTO

16. MAY 2004
This site was added. I pur there Biography and I am working on Discography.
I would like to put it here as soon as possible. But you know I am really busy with my band and label and my personal life and  I donīt know how fast I will be.
I would like to make a good photo gallery so if somebody has some good live photos of WARSORE or fleyers, scann it and send it to me. Itīs really appreciated. And if somebody has some suggestions please write me

This is official website of my fave band WARSORE.