WARSORE started in Melbourne, Australia in mid 1995. There was a big grind/hardcore/punk/crust scene here with lots of cool bands.The 
original WARSORE line up was Paul-guitar ,Erik-drums,Ryan-bass, Eugene-vocals.But this line up only played 2 shows and it was 
only improvised noisecore=no actual real songs were made. But still heavily influenced by old Swedish and Japanese hardcore/punk bands.Then Ryan got kicked out and Eugene left so he could sing in grindcore band DISGORGE. Then I joined on bass and we got Den (DISGORGE-drums) to do vocals, Eric also played guitar for this band DISGORGE. So WARSORE and DISGORGE were like brother bands!!!

- line up -
Erik - drums
Den - vocals
Mark - bass
Paul - guitar

- line up -
Erik - guitar
Den - drums
Eugene - vocals
Ash - bass


We played heaps of cool local shows with DISGORGE and lots of other bands like STAND AGAINST and DRUNKARD. There was a cool venue called the Arthouse who used to put on a lot of punk/crust shows.And they still have some cool shows still to this day. Then we decided to release the  WARSORE / DISGORGE split 7" on our own label called VIOLENT SWING Records.Only 100 copies were made on clear wax (now this is very hard  to find!!!--but it is very bad quality sound!!!) mostly this was given to friends. Next we made the "Open Wound" demotape (again on VIOLENT SWING Records) and we sent a lot to different bands around the world and I think it was this tape that really got us known in the scene and then we started to get lots of mail from people who heard the demo and got some offers to do split 10" and 7"s.  So we were just happy that someone was interested to hear our noise!!!Erik did all WARSORE recordings and production on every WARSORE release--we would always have our own studio set up and various members houses at different times--so we would never have to pay for studio costs!!! We toured to Adelaide (another big city in Australia) together with our friends DISGORGE -it was easier to tour with DISGORGE cause its only 6 members for 2 bands!!!haha Then in 1998 we toured Singapore and Malaysia with our friends Demisor. We knew 1 member Memeng cause he came to Australia a few years before so was great to be able to hang out with those guys!!! Then in 1999 we toured Japan with our friends Gore Beyond Necropsy. They had come to Melbourne also same time as Memeng from Demisor!!! And those GBN dudes are really crazy!!! haha and yeah we got to play with many great Japanese grind/punk/fast bands like Senseless Apocalypse,Fuck on the Beach etc. There was also a lot of talk about us touring Europe. We really wanted to and we were made a lot of promises - but it was just all talk and no action!! and then we split up before it could be finally organised. The line up remained the same --except for the "Brutal Reprisal" 7" just before we recorded this Den got kicked out of the band-so we got Bo on vocals for this release.But then Erik moved to Japan and Paul moved to USA. So that was the end of WARSORE forever. But this recording wasnt released until some years later as the "Brutal Reprisal" 7" and it is the last ever WARSORE recording....... 

Then i started to get bored -so i made some terrible shitnoisecore band called FAECAL FORK!!! 
There exists a demo and a split tape with noise kings Sonic Disorder

Huge thanks goes out to all the total grindcore maniacs who helped out in any way..it is truly appreciated!...stay fucking grindcore forever!!!..... cheers Mark Harvey/WARSORE